Activities Report in Gambia with the efficient support of Momodou Sarjo, Immigration Police Officer.   
Libraries in SchoolsWe are convinced that children need motivation to learn to read. A supply of leisure books and the animation of a school library help a lot.Teachers have to cope with many children by class; libraries with too few books, books not attractively displayed….Banjul : Latrikunda Sabiji SchoolSorting and cleaning the booksSupply of additional 50 books                         
Project 2007 To Add books 
George-town primary schoolSaturday hard work to sort and clean books with teachers and pupils.Supply of additional 200 books and system to organize the library Basori : Primary School School   64 books and schelves given to the schoolResearch for pupils deskProject of computer program to organise the library Banjul : Alliance françaiseFrench books (BD)Banjul : Senegalise lycéeHundreds of books given and furniture.Computer supportNational Gambian Library :Visit and contact with the ManagerA few hospitals in BanjulsGifts given to the children in hospital
Project for 08/09
Creation of a library in Djiboro primary school
We would be happy to offer support to the prisons and to encourage family and professional reinsertion of the inmates:
- Solving some material difficulties (transport, air supply,…)
- Health care (glasses, food advice,…)           
- Workshop to learn experience
-Trainings or staff and inmates (Listening, mediation, conflicts solving…)
- Cultural and sport activities (supply of books, music…)Miles II prison in BanjulVisit of the new buildings for the kitchen, workshops, library and cultural activitiesSupply of about 200 additional books Supply of a full motor mechanic tool box. Garments, bedsheets pending George-town prison Creation of a little library and supply a financing the wood to build the cupboard.Possibility to add more books for the population of the island.Supply of financing tiles to cover tables, showers and toiletsSupply of 30 bed sheets to be cut in 2 pieces for the inmates.Discussion about family reinsertion.Advice for integrating raw food everyday (natural supply of vitamins)Health : Good results reported during our last visit in april 07Numbers of desease decreases a lot since more hygiene has been possible with the use of tiles
Project for 2009/2010
Supply of tiles in all the prisons in Gambia 
Introduction to Restorative Justice ; Supply bed sheets in prisons and hospitals  Yannick Arlabosse-Titz   and  Jean-Maurice Muret