Esperance en Casamance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting local communities in Senegal and Gambia to create a peaceful future in which communities value education, peacebuilding and constructive resolution of conflicts. Created in 2004 and part of the IDAY Network, we are based in Switzerland and Senegal. We promote peace through capacity building around peace education, conflict transformation processes, and restorative justice practices.

Our mission is outwork across three key areas:

    Restorative Justice and Peacebuilding in Prison: Taking place in Senegal and Gambia this program aims to bring dignity, hope, and justice to prison communities and victims in Senegal and Gambia by empowering people to foster peace, promote reintegration and prevent violence.

    Peacebuilding in Casamance: We provide nonpartisan support to local people to stop violence escalating, build long term peace and reconciliation by advocating and building capacity around dialogue, conflict resolution and restorative approach among rebels, soldiers, government and civil society organizations.

    Truth, Reconciliation & Restoration Process: We are dedicated to advance peace, reconciliation, and healing for the people who suffered during the former regime in Gambia by supporting civil society organization and the new government in the process of Truth, Reconciliation & Restoration.